Coastal Retrofit MS

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MS Coastal Retrofit Program

Gant and Brown Premier Home Builders was selected as a primary subcontractor under Applied Research Associates (ARA) to mitigate wind damage on the MS Gulf Coast. Through this 29.2 million dollar project the government will match up to 90% of the cost to install wind retrofits to the home. This means homeowners will only pay 10% of the cost for hurricane shutters, impact resistant garage doors, roof deck insulation, hurricane straps, etc. This is an incredible opportunity and we encourage all homeowners on the MS Gulf Coast to join in the program. You can be assured that top custom home builders on the MS Gulf Coast will be performing the highest quality of work upgrading your home. Additionally, all upgrades will be inspected by ARA (Applied Research Associates, an international research and engineering company). This is an incredible opportunity to retrofit your home on a cost share basis. We highly recommend visiting DFA's website (linked below) to apply for cost share retrofits (up to 90%).


Click here to visit the MS DFA Coastal Retrofit MS Project Website and Apply for Retrofits